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#5 Kupu's Texture Pack

Posted by kupu on 28 July 2013 - 09:04 AM



Some of you may of seen this over in the Starmade forums,  but i've been working on a texture pack.


You can find it in the downloads section on this site,  and also on my personal website (which holds the second download for alternative hardened hull textures.)


If you want to see it in action, Zuku has uploaded a really nice showcase of most blocks in his Starmade "Let's play" series.  




Screenshots below.  














It's in a finished state.  Version 1.0.

However i am planning to update the factory textures,  GUI and HUD tweaks and a few colour fixes. 


I'll be posting up my progress here soon.


Cheers for looking,    Tom 'kupu' Berridge.

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#900 Hulls

Posted by specks789 on 19 September 2013 - 07:43 PM

Hey guys if you want a ship but don't have the time to build it ask me to! Tell me what color (1 color, maybe 2) and I can get it for you! I will post it under ships and you can finish the interior how you want to! Yes this rhymes, No I don't know why, just post a comment which ship you want and ill make it. ~ImJeffafa/specks789. Boop.




EDIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Needs to be one of these files!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!          .obj .3ds .dxf or .skp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tell me if you want Hardened or regular hull too.


http://sketchup.goog...om/3dwarehouse/<------------- where I get my models.

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#927 ||Windoom Starmade|| - EU lag-free server - Blueprints allowed - Custom econo...

Posted by Archer6621 on 02 November 2013 - 01:08 AM



Windoom Starmade

















Windoom starmade is pretty much a "do-whatever" server, with some rules to keep things organised a bit.



There's custom content, including but not limited to:


- Custom Fixed recipes that basically replace the randomized ones, involving bronze/silver/gold for higher tiered items

- Custom blocks, such as crystal wedges, for more aesthetic options

- Custom community made pirates that can be quite a bit harder to counter than the isanths

- A very own legendary spawn-station

- "Custom sectors" containing special but extra hard stations that have some good loot in them.





The current playercount is stale, so don't be shocked.


Just join and play, more will come over time with our efforts, the map is still very fresh and will exist for long from now! Above all, if you're interested in this server, please join the tight community at www.starmade.windoom.com, and enjoy the excellent website and fellow players!




For more info, please refer to the following link: http://starmade.wind...r-starters.123/


Note that some of the info is outdated: blueprints are allowed now!

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#911 The neat stuff you've found

Posted by Dequire on 28 September 2013 - 06:16 PM

I figured I'd go ahead and pop this forum section's topic cherry and put up a topic.


So what have you guys found in StarMade? No, not just the stuff you created. That's for project diaries and uploads. I mean really neat images and scenes. Whether it be a rustic, beautiful landscape, a mass of ships that just look cool together and you feel could use some recognition, maybe it's a giant battle you started or stumbled upon, or maybe it's your new giant warship perched above a planet with a lander on the surface, exploring the world with eager, giddy excitement. If it's neat and not just showing off your ships, then by all means, I'm interested in seeing it! Even if it's just a giant space port with various ship's docked to it, I wanna hear about it.


But it doesn't have to be photos, either. Even just a short story of something that happened, or a description of something you saw!

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#53 Anyone working on machinima?

Posted by jjaquinta on 14 September 2013 - 02:43 AM

I'm working on a tool called SMEdit, for editing StarMade objects offline. I just finished a feature that allows you to export a StarMade ship/station/shop/planet/etc as an OBJ file with texture map (Mods -> Export -> OBJ). I've seen a lot of Minecraft machinima that were done in professional animation tools, but using Minecraft objects. I figured if anyone was thinking of doing the same wtih StarMade this might be of use to them.

My only animation experience is POVRay and things like Blender confuse me terribly. So I haven't been able to test this much. It would be lovely if someone out there with an interest could test this for me. Then I can either fix the bugs or consider it complete.

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#11474 Shield Penetration

Posted by ghostrider539 on 25 February 2014 - 04:43 PM

im looking to penetrate a shield on a Talos final and i need tips to get through. I have also been wondering if dis-intergraters can penetrate the shield

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#11462 Starmade City WIP

Posted by walzou on 16 December 2013 - 09:02 PM


I started to create a land base that is housed on a desert planet category. The goal is to enlarge As with various buildings, all having their own functions.

My priority is to build a factory to crafter enough resources to create the base and future vessels coming faction (yes, I play sandboxed code without "cheating"). But before all things it is necessary that my plants are energized. That is why I started with the creation of 4 energy reactors. These are completed and produce a total power of 93'348'831 (2'056'500e / sec). Which should be enough to feed a big, good productive plant consists of several factory input.


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#2 Welcome to StarMade Multiverse

Posted by Mastergalen on 13 July 2013 - 06:50 PM

Welcome to the StarMade Multiverse Forums!


We are a new community fan site for StarMade. On our site you can discuss with other StarMade players the mechanics of the game, ask for help, upload and share your spaceships, find new texture packs and skins and much more!


If you have any suggestions about the site, please visit the feedback forum.

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#43 A fleet armada

Posted by Dequire on 08 September 2013 - 06:33 AM

I'm currently working on a sort of RP based fleet with it's own signature color scheme and over all design. And by RP based, I mean not every ship is multipurpose. They're meant for a medium to large group of players to take over each ship, possibly with a crew on each, and for them to organize the fleet and use each ship to cover each other's tactical disadvantages, and increase their own. Most of this fleet is already complete, with only one ship remaining, the Cruiser, or flag ship. All of the fleet is already uploaded, turrets included, and are released under my account. Any comments, suggestions, or ideas for a fleet/faction name would be highly appreciated.
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#22 TZCraft [New Space Republic Faction] - (RP) Applications now...

Posted by thakyZ on 20 August 2013 - 08:05 PM




          Hello and welcome to TZCraft NSR StarMade guild page. This is a guild formed by me and my friends who all know each other in real life, with some members from the internet. This guild was originally called "TZCraft," but when I formed the server for this game I made a new part of the group for space games called "The New Space Republic." That part of the guild got put into TZCraft and is now called "TZCraft NSR." We consist of peace-loving, non-haters (but we have had some people doing that in the past but got banned for other reasons too). We are not all Bronies but a lot of the higher ranks are. We do not care if pony haters join as long as they respect the people who do or not like ponies. Our community consists of about 50 people (some who I have not spoken to in a while). We have made a Steam group page, Twitter page, Enjin site page, and Google+ page. I, personally, will not make a Facebook page but if you join and are willing to set up a Facebook page I will love to develop the page but I (as of right now) do not have a Facebook account, on the fact that I am still in school, and I don't want to post, even though I don't have to, everything I do I.R.L. But I have friend's that are not online or don't play games that are still part of the TZCraft guild. I hope you will consider to join and I will get to your post A.S.A.P.


I have a maximum capacity of 32 players and 6 of them are reserved so that brings to 24 applicants.

Here are the remaining applicants = 24 players

I have also very low lag for people all the way on the east coast of the U.S. while I am located on the west coast in Washington State. I hope you will join and have a great time playing.





  • thakyZ
  • Scay
  • SYFIsamurai
  • cuddly_kittehs



  • Member Rankings:
    • Private
    • Private First Class
    • Sergeant
    • Second Sergeant
    • First Class Sergeant
    • Master Sergeant
    • Lieutenant
  • Admin Rankings:
    • Second Lieutenant
    • First Lieutenant
    • First Class Lieutenant
    • Master Lieutenant
    • Major
    • Lieutenant Corporal
    • Corporal
  • Cohost and Host rankings:
    • Bergade General
    • Two Star General: SYFIsamurai
    • Three Star General: cuddly_kittehs
    • Four Star General: Scay
    • Five Star General: thakyZ



Server Status:
-- Not done yet --


Custom Content:

  • Custom and diffrent colored ice blocks.
  • Custom lights.
  • Lights for shields, and power generators.
  • Custom antena block.
  • Custom dectortive blocks.
  • Custom animated and light runway lights.
  • Custom pirate ships.
  • Blueprints alowed
  • More to come...



  1. Respect players, admins and their properties and belifs (exept when going into war).
  2. We do not wage war on anyone unless they attack first, but anyways we try to make peace with them.
  3. We do not flame, grief, hack, troll (unless we know the person knows were kidding).

   Rules of server:

  1. Do not ask for administrative privaleges.
  2. Follow the above morals.
  3. Do not blame another person for what you did because we will find out the truth evetually.
  4. Have Fun!!!




          Applications moved here.

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#11457 Walzou texture Pack

Posted by walzou on 07 December 2013 - 06:59 PM





First of all sorry for my english , I live in Switzerland and i speack french.

I made a new texture pack in HD for Starmade. The goal is to create realistic textures. The pack is complete and completed HUD except I do not think realize the moment. I also made icons have in inventory or in the shortcut menu. Shells (hull) were created to be mixed between normal and hardened homogeneously. Also decorative cubes have been created in the spirit of grace and expand cockpit.

The texture pack is compatible with version: v0.1401 of Starmade and is available in 3 versions (256 / 128 / 64). 3 versions are combined in the same archive found in the download link below.

Download: Walzou Texture Pack

Hoping that it will suit some and do not hesitate to post screens of your creations with my texture pack .

But better than words , here are some screen :







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#926 Islandgames Server

Posted by Neidles on 29 October 2013 - 12:00 PM

I would like to say Hi and would like to inform you that our server is up and running. Please visit islandgames.ca  Read the story and the few rules we have. and if you want to vote inform Keiiah in game and she will give you a reward.


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#6 Kupu's Texture Pack

Posted by kupu on 28 July 2013 - 09:38 PM

Quick update posted in the starmade project logs here;


Working on HUD graphics,  quick examples for you.








Thanks for watching,

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#35694 Dry Empire

Posted by Drybreeze on 09 February 2015 - 09:33 AM

Hi all!


I'm a new Starmade player, having bought the game in mid December 2014... wow what a game.  So much potential it's very exciting to see it develop and become the next big thing in gaming.


Welcome to Dry Empire, a story in the Starmade Multiverse.


This journal outlines the fictional life of Dry Broez, an escaped prisoner that forges his way in his own space, battling enemies, forging alliances, building stations, ships, and ultimately a powerful all-dominating empire.


The journal shows the build process of various ships and stations, the discovery of new technology and minerals, as well as tries to be a good resource to new players forging their own way in the amazing game "Starmade".


Check out the journal and feel free to follow it, comment on it, and make suggestions or ask questions.

I will post features from it here in this thread as well.


I look forward to hearing from you!



An autonomous Worker Drone Utility, part of a fleet of drones that assist me to build new ships and structures.



Dry Station in its early stages, featuring docking arms, library, generator, factory, shipyard, a docking salvager, a docked smaller salvager, a docked corvette damaged by a recent battle, and the nearly completed frigate FRG Thor.



FRG Thor's medical bay, featuring an automated operating table, medical assistance AI, and two triage tables.



FRG Thor's 6 man mess hall, featuring food and utensil combinator, waste disposal unit, and some hanging organisms as visual stimulus.



FRG Thor's exterior (prior to paint job) showing greeble, anti-missile micro turrets, and observation deck located above the embedded bridge.



SVG Excavator (my current salvage ship) at the end of construction, being guarded by a now obsolete turreted salvager and my first corvette, CRV Alannis.


These are just a handful of the hundreds of images in dozens of posts that I've made so far...

I hope you enjoy my journal!

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#11502 Friendly Players Steam Group ( Now with StarMade Server)

Posted by Sutairn on 16 November 2014 - 02:21 PM

Hello everyone,

Friendly Players Steam group has a dedicated server for StarMade. It is up 24/7 99.99% of the time and we are looking for new members.

Join us on our TS3 server to have some fun, basalt.typefrag.com:4715.

Find us on the mutiplayer list "Steam Group Ts3" gameservers dedicated server

Large Catalog to buy ships from and trying my hardest to make the economy work.

Sector size - 20km
Weapons range - 9km long range 2km short range
Carved Minerals have tier 3 armor stats - Carved Dolom 90% armor 255 hitpoints
Player made economy - Trades guild only has 2 shops and they are not resupplied
Zappa Pirate Station Added very deadly
Advanced Jump drive and warp gate ranges 16
over 5 active factions in the game.

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#11490 Turrets not working?

Posted by DeadpanGod3 on 11 May 2014 - 03:47 PM

For some reason my turrets aren't working on my ship, I built them right and did as the wiki tutorial said,and even watched a video tutorial, but they won't work, they just stay still, and do nothing, they don't shoot at pirates, or anything. I have the AI block set to "aim at" my selected target, but they don't aim, it's like their dead or something, they have power, anti mater cannons, shields, and everything, the AI module is connected to the ship core and weapons computer like the wiki said, when I try to "link" the AI module to the core or the computer, it says it can't because its "invalid".
The turrets are the only real form of defense or offense my ship has, since it's big and doesn't look good with tons of cannons of the front end.

Can anyone help me?
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#11477 Shield Penetration

Posted by Lord Daro on 27 February 2014 - 04:37 PM

To take down something of that size one usualy needs an evenly sized vessel or good organized fleet attack.

I think, if i  would want/have to handle this task with limited recources, i would try to build a ship with good engines and powerful longrange weapons, so i can keep out of its firing range while draining the shields.


I don't have much expierence with dis-intergraters, but i think a squad of medium/big suicide ships (or drones, if the ai block can handle such a task) might be able to deal enough damage. But they would need support ships as well to distract the turrets, or at least cloaking (if possible both).


Either way it may be impossible without considerable effort.

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